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如果一大班人去食飯聚會, 有人想品嚐地道中式小菜,
但同時又有人想享受港式風情同西式風味, 咁可以點解決? 
哈 咁就可以黎南山邨品香樓了!!!
It must be a nice time for people to have gathering with friends, but what if some of your friends want to have traditional Chinese food, while some of them want to have Hong Kong style dishes and western style cuisines?
To solve, you should come "Ban Heung Lau"!!!

品香樓於1979年開業, 位於已經有三十三年歷史既南山邨, 原本係一間舊式的上海菜館。但係早年懷舊風未興起個時,來南山邨既人愈來愈少,生意愈黎愈難做。直至七, 八年前, 呢一區既懷舊, 藝術風氣愈來愈濃厚, 而附近既賽馬會創意藝術中心(JCCAC)開幕後, 先更活化呢區既藝術氣氛, 令這區更成為熱愛藝術的人士既流連之地。
"Ban Heung Lau" was opened in 1979, located in Nam Shan Estate which already had 33 years history, and it was originally an traditional sheung hai restaurant. Unfortunately, the folk art trend is not that popular at that time, there are only a few visitors come to this estate and its business was facing a lot of difficulties. Until few years ago, the trend of folk art has been floated up in this district, more and more people come to visit this area and the JCCAC which located near this restaurant, the art trend was activated and this district start to became popular to art fans.

而家, 品香樓主打新派廣東菜。招牌菜係手撕雞,要提早預訂先吃到,沒有預訂既只好下次請早了。另外,南乳豬手,朱古力咖啡和沙拉骨等都是餐廳的招牌菜。今次,就等我地SPD4459港女團去睇下中午既品香樓有咩好食啦!從餐牌可見,午餐既選擇都有好多,港式常餐有,上海菜飯有,中式客飯或炒一丁有,就連西式既卡邦尼意粉都有,確係照顧到唔同人既需要。
Nowadays, "Ban Heung Lau" is mainly serve the new trend of cantonese cuisines. One of the famous dishes is the "chicken slices", which need to be serve by reserved, who did not reserve, please come earlier next time! Besides, their famous dishes also soft pork with preserved tofu, chocolate coffee and sala spareribs. This time, let's go and check out what it offers in the afternoon. As we can see the menu, there are a lot of choices for lunch, for example, Kong style lunch set, vegetable rice in sheung hai style, traditional chinese fried rice or noodles, and even western carbonara, it really serve people with different needs.

餐牌花多眼亂,最後我地一行兩人就決定試下出名既蜜桃沙拉骨菜飯同埋薑茸豬頸肉一丁。 招牌蜜桃沙拉骨,雖然賣相並唔係話好吸引,但味道卻係不俗。佢係用咖喱醃肋排骨,再加麪粉油炸,最後淋沙律醬和糖醋,酸酸甜甜,非常香口。再配襯埋啲新鮮既蜜桃,加上菜飯少油而不膩,感覺清新。
After rounds of struggling, two of us finally decided to try the sala spareribs with peach and vegetable rice, and also the minced ginger pork neck with noodles. For the sala spareribs, although the appearance are not that attractive, their taste are still outstanding. The ribs are preserve in curry and deep fried afterwards, finally serve with salad dressing and sweet and sour sauce, which is very mouth watering. Adding with fresh peach and vegetable rice, it's fresh and delicious!

For the minced ginger pork neck with noodles, it seems a fresh combination. The pork neck is smelly and thickly sliced, the noodle is dry and the minced ginger is served with chopped green onion, which the taste texture is rich and the taste is nice as well. The only thing is, it is a bit oily.


Our order is served after around 10mins, the sala spareribs cost $36 with hot drink while the minced ginger pork neck with noodles cost $28 with hot drink. A restaurant with chinese and western fusion, offers you different styles of cuisines while also offering a nice place for you to have gathering with friends in such a reasonable cost. It keeps its freshness, while not losing its original taste!

Address: 石硤尾南山村南豐樓平台商場 204-205平台, 210-213號平台                
               Shop 204-205, 210-213,Nam Fung House, Nan Shan Estate,Shek Kip Mei 
Contact: (852)2778 8791
營業時間: Mon-Sun 06:45-00:00

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